Choosing your group leader

Recruit mainly for Character, Not Skills

Consider this list of characteristics , they can all be relevant qualities, some of them are skills (conceptualization, persuasion, stewardship), others can be character traits, but skills can be learnt, that is why it is considered more important to choose according to the character traits as they are more difficult to be learnt:

>> Listening
>> Empathy
>> Healing
>> Awareness
>> Persuasion
>> Conceptualization
>> Foresight
>> Stewardship
>> Commitment to others’ growth
>> Community building
>> Humility
>> Kindness

Harvard researchers have identified the following qualities of positive workplace cultures: caring for and being interested in others, providing support and offering kindness to the struggling, avoiding blame and forgiving mistakes, emphasizing meaningfulness of work, and treating others with respect.

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